Terema - Team Resource Management

Terema is the leading provider of Human
Factors and Team Resource Management
(TRM) training to the NHS

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Terema is an international organisation offering bespoke training and consultancy services.

Error is ubiquitous and organisations which rely heavily on human skill to effect critical decisions in high pressure environments are exposed to high risks from human error. Successful organisations minimise and manage these errors. This leads to improved safety, quality, efficiency and customer service whilst simultaneously reducing costs.

We work in partnership with organisations to provide sustainable solutions. Our personnel are professionals who can relate to the real issues which you face. We offer a portfolio of programmes which addresses the human component in risk management.

It was very powerful. It was worth shutting the whole department down for 2 days. The most valuable non-clinical course I have been on. The Masterclass enlightens, it made me think more, reflect, feel calm.
Whatever your needs, we can offer a tailored or bespoke solution in the form of presentations, lectures or training for teams, departments and the wider organisation.


Terema are the leading provider of human factors in Risk Management and Team Resource Management to the NHS.


Terema are experts in Crew Resource Management and Human Factors Training for multi-crew, single crew and maintenance environments.


The skills required to manage the human side of commercial or financial risk have parallels in the management of risks to safety.


Our Masterclass concentrates on the practical and pragmatic application of human factors insights in safety critical environments