Our Masterclass concentrates on the practical and pragmatic application of human factors insights in safety critical environments

Managing Human Factors is much more a behavioural exercise than an academic one.

Who should attend?
Whilst this workshop will be of particular interest to all clinical staff, risk and clinical governance managers, the beneficial impact on patient safety in the application of these insights and practical techniques will make it relevant to anyone interested in safer and more effective ways of working.

Patient Safety is a familiar mantra in every corner of the NHS.  It is probable that more than 75% of patient safety failures involve ‘human factors’, a category much wider than simple human error.  Unfortunately, even highly skilled, knowledgeable and hard working health care workers deliver variable performance as a consequence of simply being human.  In aviation, acknowledging, accepting and then seeking to manage this human vulnerability led to a field of expertise known as Crew Resource Management (CRM). In the healthcare context this is Team Resource Management (TRM).

Humans are genetically primed to learn by trial and error so error is ‘normal’. Human performance is variable in both the long and the short term. In order to gain some insights into human fallibility we will need a suitable vocabulary -the language of human factors.

Management of these Human Factors is a professional responsibility. This responsibility includes working effectively in teams and a willingness to develop supporting systems and processes of work which avoid provoking error and which act to mitigate the consequence of error.

The best course I have ever been on. Learned a lot about the human character and how we work. Really will go back to work and make a difference regarding safety - RF
The Terema Human Factors in Risk Management Masterclass explores the management of this human vulnerability ‘in the round’. Participants will be challenged to identify the parallels with their own working environment and to apply the ideas to their practice.  Debate, discussion, personal examples and involvement are encouraged.  

The Terema Masterclass - Practical and pragmatic solutions for people, systems and processes

Over the course of two full days we explore:

 • Human Factors and Team Skills – the background and underlying principles
 • Situation Awareness – our flawed process of understanding what is ‘going on’
 • Risk Management – how we can discharge our responsibility to reduce risk and harm
 • Communication – managing Professional to Professional communication in a safety critical
 • Personality and its impact on impact on performance and teamworking
 • Choosing Behaviour – selecting and maintaining behaviours which are essential to the discharge of
   our professional responsibilities
 • Human Factors Feedback – regulating those behaviours as an everyday process
 • Managing overload and using the tools – staying in control in stressful situations or extremely risky
   environments and making briefings, debriefings, handovers and checklists work effectively.
 • Leading, Following and Motivating – our professional responsibilities to everyone else in the

Excellent presentation and mastery of all topics with relevant examples

Upcoming Masterclass Dates

To reserve your place on an upcoming Masterclass, click the relevant date below:17th / 18th November 2022 in London Watch the video Terema at the International Forum on Safety and Quality in Healthcare

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Our Behavioural Human Factors and Teamskills e-learning package is now live on the Terema website!!

Accredited by both the Royal College of Physicians and CIEHF - read the reviewers comments.


This vocational e-learning course was of a high professional standard, it covered what it claimed it would and delivers against the learning aims which are clearly stated at the beginning of each of the four lessons. The course was enjoyable, informative, interesting and communicated the key messages I would expect to find in such a course. The mix of video and interactive web-based delivery was refreshing and provided a good balance to suit different learning styles. Attention to detail in the creation of the material was evident with, for example, subtitled videos to enable inclusivity for those with hearing difficulties.

Overall a very good course, which I enjoyed reviewing.

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