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Established in 2001, Terema is the leading provider of Human Factors and Team Resource Management (TRM) training to the NHS. Our work is informed by our considerable experience in aviation and spanning many high-risk industries.

Modern health care is delivered in a highly complex, pressurised environment often involving the care of vulnerable and seriously ill patients. More than almost any other industry in which risks occur healthcare is reliant on people more often than machines, to make decisions, exercise judgement and execute the techniques which will determine the outcome for a patient
Making Amends, Chief Medical Officer DoH, June 2003
TRM is a bundle of knowledge, skills and understanding which enables every professional to perform at their best, to get the best from their team and from the tools, technology and systems which they use.

We have used our expertise to train a wide range of healthcare professionals, in multidisciplinary teams, throughout the United Kingdom, in the techniques of proactive error avoidance and management.

The best course I have ever been on. Learned a lot about the human character and how we work. Really will go back to work and make a difference regarding safety - RF

Uniquely, Terema is involved in faculty development and at all stages of medical and nurse training with the necessary expertise to provide sustainable cultural change in a multidisciplinary environment.

We have worked with over 80 Trusts and private healthcare providers across the country with thousands of staff attending our programmes and encourage all healthcare organisations and staff to embrace patient safety and make it a national priority.

Whatever your needs we can offer a tailored or bespoke solution in the form of presentations, lectures or training for teams, trainers, specific departments or the wider organisation.

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