I just want to re- iterate how valuable your course has been to me. I think it should be a pre- requisite for every practising anaesthetist in the country and have said so to anyone who will listen to me.
To give you an example; I was involved in a critical incident last October. I had just induced anaesthesia in a fit, healthy young man who was a take back for suspected compartment syndrome following a plating of his forearm earlier in the day. It was about 9pm, so I had sent my registrar home.
Immediately post- induction, he began sweating profusely and his temperature, which had been 36.8 degrees Centigrade rose and was rising explosively upwards of 38.4, literally within seconds.
I remembered the things you taught me regarding verbalisation to the team regarding diagnosis and action plan. So,as an effective and organised unit, we treated this young man as a rare but potentially fatal disease called Malignant Hyperpyrexia.
It was without doubt one of the most cohesive and calmly effective critical incidents I have ever been involved in.
For me, this example illustrates that your wonderful course enables people to save lives.The whole concept of safety suddenly comes to life.
Boundaries have dropped significantly. Dr P
Before the programme I thought that no news was good news... I now have quite a lot of incident report forms every week. JO
It was very powerful. It was worth shutting the whole department down for 2 days. The most valuable non-clinical course I have been on. The course enlightens, it made me think more, reflect, feel calm. Dr L
I've always had a thing that risk is boring but they made it come alive. MR
It reduced my stress as I appreciate that others may work in a different way. I don't ignore my gut feelings. I look harder at the 'data'. There is a greater confidence among junior grades. Just being invited on such a course helped in itself. Dr P
Juniors now give their views and are more responsible. Consultants give us more trust and they ask what you think. This gives us respect. IH
The course should be compulsory. EI
Terema people are focussed on the issues. Their points are easy to grasp and relate to. I have never been on a course where I have benefited so much. I would like to go back. JG
Would love to be involved in this type of training! Loved it and would recommend! Did not lose interest at any point. NM
Excellent presentation and mastery of topic with relevant examples. Anon
Trainers have created a good learning environment – thank you so much. EA
A wonderful course, thank you, I have learnt so much. I think I will return to work with a different behaviour. JH
Excellent course – should be made compulsory training for junior doctors and revalidation. Anon
Most interesting / thought provoking course I have ever been on. SH
Motivating course. Well presented, best course I have ever attended. Anon
Thought provoking – Motivational – Would be interesting for Trust Board members to do this course!
Thank you - I have seen some things in me that I didn’t know about and I have got more confidence that I am actually doing something right – has been a real confidence boost. Anon
The lessons from clinical care on near miss reporting and professional language at key moments MUST be spread as widely as possible. IA
I think that this is the best course I have ever been on. LJ

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